Have you ever made a bet with your golfing buddies on a football game, where the fan of the losing team pays for the next round of golf? How about taking it a step further, and making the loser wear the winning teams football gear while playing the round?  That's what one of my best golfing buds and I did.  The loser had to pay for the golf, but the winner wound up spending just as much on NFL logo gear, so his buddy had enough humiliation...the ultimate Team Bogey good hearted competition.  What's your wager story?
While Tiger tailed off and Phil failed once again, the new kids on the block showed no fear, and only a questionable ruling on a grounded club kept us from having a three way playoff at the PGA Championship...much to discuss here.
Too many hazards? Youth vs. Experience? The grounding ruling...what do you think?

What a pain in the neck!

We've all been touched in one way or another by this recession/depression, and each of us has our own individual tale of woe in that regard.  Some have lost everything they've worked for their entire life, others have had to cut back in many areas, but one positive that can be taken from these times, is a renewed appreciation for what is ultimately most important in life. 

With Tiger on pause, Phil Mickelson has the opening he needs to take center stage and dominate the PGA tour, although the young bucks have been showing that the "next generation" is poised to nudge both he and Tiger toward the Champions Tour.  Nevertheless, glancing at the leaderboard at the Bridgestone tournament, and seeing Mickelson only four back on Saturday, is the factor in deciding whether to press record for tomorrow's round...the Phil Factor.