Team Bogey lives in all parts of the world, including those where snow covers the course in Winter. if not parts of Fall and Spring.  Thankfully, there are alternatives, especially for those of us who enjoy watching a football game, while enjoying a beverage...but don't want to let the links leave our life completely, while we wait for the snow to melt.
Ever hear of the Golden Tee?   
Recently, over a three day period, I witnessed a young freshman venture into the pool with the JV high school water polo team for the first time in his life.  Not only was he new to the sport, he was new to competitive athletics of any kind at that level, with only "play-time" swimming in his background. 
Upon first entering the pool with his new competitors, confusion 
Once again illustrating the analogous relationship between life and golf, Tiger said that "lack of commitment" his new swing, was the cause of his triple bogey on the first hole of the Barclays tournament on Saturday. We need to move on, but one can't help note the pink elephant in the room, which is the words "lack of commitment" coming out of his mouth, only days after his divorce was finalized. 
With the news of Jim Furyk being disqualified from the Barclay's pro-am due to being late for his tee time because of oversleeping, we decided to honor him by posting his  trophy picture with the showgirls, as we can appreciate the "cell phone battery ran out" situation that caused his circumstance, and want to thank him for illustrating that there are more aspects of the game than score, shared by scratch golfers and Team Bogey alike!!!� He apparently showed up at 7:35 for a 7:30 tee time, missing his shoes and belt!  
A recent meeting with a female business associate to discuss bookkeeping matters, led to a discussion about Team Bogey, which in turn led to the subject of golf, and her exclamation, " My husband loves to play golf, but I hate that game! " My initial interpretation was that she had no interest in the game that her husband was somewhat obsessed with.  To the contrary, she explained that she played golf, and that her "hatred" referred to her frustration at the lack of ability to conquer it...