Team Bogey was Scrambled Once Again at Mid State Fair Fundraiser Event

Next Generation Team Bogey member Steven 
meets Princess candidates Tori and Sabrina, and realizes that
"Team Bogey is Damn Good Golf !!! "
Team Bogey was be represented once again, at the newly remodeled and reconfigured Paso Robles Country Club Golf Course in Paso Robles, California on Sunday, July 14th, This scrambles event features some of the finest golf talent that double digit handicaps have to offer.  While it may not be pretty, and it may take four tries and a mulligan or two by each team, to finally put the ball in the hole; these determined divot diggers will Keep Battlin' with gallant effort, as they try to overcome the chunked chips and bladed bombs, to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat. The California Mid State Fair Princess Candidates were in attendance, adding a touch of charm and beauty to what should be a pleasant, but gruelingly competitive day!
Team Bogey Princess candidates meet 
Team Bogey Battlers...

1 wrote:

Hello Team Bogey Battlers. How was the event?


webadmin wrote:

This years tournament was a success, with over 100 players, and with a late substitute, the Team Bogey foursome used Steven's Next Generation fearlessness to finish 27 under par!!!
Although it wasn't enough to win a trophy, the Battlin' spirit was alive, and the scholarship fund was greatly benefited.
We have been in slow go mode this past season, but  the calander of events we plan to attend and sponsor is going to be a little more populated this next season.
Let us know if you are going to be available to play in an event or two in the coming months.
Keep Battlin'