Police Association Tournament Post Script

 The somber start to the Atascadero Police Association Charity Benefit Tournament, as one of the survivors of the 9/11 attack was presented with an American Flag , and taps was played, gave poetic contrast to the events that followed.  The laughs and silliness that the many golfing gaffs elicited as funds were raised for youth sports, gave proper deference to the notion of service and sacrifice that have been, and continue to be necessary to preserve the slice of Americana represented by such charitable events.
Team Bogey's contingent battled a rough start, registering more "fores" than fours, but just as they were beginning to lose hope, and wondering what they were going to do, received the much needed motivation and inspiration to Keep Battlin',
that spurred them to begin a comeback, resulting in a series of drilled drives and holed putts, topped off by an eagle two approach shot, that was easily the most memorable shot of the day!