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There is a Battler in All of Us

This site is dedicated to the battler in all of us. Those who are in relentless pursuit of excellence, but may have found it just beyond our reach, or even if briefly attained, found it difficult to maintain. And while we are a proud group, we are not so pretentious as to claim to be something we're not.

Team Bogey in it's purest form refers to the life-analogous sport of golf, and those of us weekenders who tirelessly teeter on the brink of breaking 90, or 100, or more, at our local course. We watch the pros on the TV, and head straight out to the links to attempt to duplicate the skill level we just witnessed.  But somehow that errant drive, short approach shot or lip-out putt manage to let that clean par escape our scorecard... Or maybe we find "the stroke" for most of our round, and the pars, and even a birdie or two come to us, but then that dreaded "blow-up hole" strikes, and we watch that par round drift farther from our grasp, with each fade turned to slice, draw turned to hook, chip turned to chunk, or thin shot turned to bladed bomb. More often than not, we find ourselves and our peers at the 19th hole exchanging stories about how we "almost slayed the dragon!".  We are...Team Bogey!!! and we KEEP BATTLIN'

TEAM is the online clubhouse for Team Bogey, where you can share stories, pictures, videos, laughs or more somber tales with fellow Team Bogey members, either on the website, or through our social network links. Our main menu news tab provides access to the latest golf and business news, as well as the weather report, and the latest from the NFL.  If you have an event you'd like to promote, contact us, so we can let others know, or figure out how to participate.  Since you are already on the team, get the gear, and order a Team Bogey logo item at the Team Bogey store.  In the spirit of Team Bogey, we will strive to improve the site, and appreciate your input. So register as a Team user, or Clubhouse member, and help us build your online clubhouse.