Team Bogey...The NEXT Generation!!!

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This isn't just your Dad's Team Bogey anymore!
The "young-bloods" on the Tour are being shadowed by the next generation of Team Bogey...

They are confident, maybe even a little brash; with the bulk of their life events yet to occur.  As we share the first tee box with them,  we hope their future will be full of laughs, and void of disappointment.  We know, however, that not only the hours we are about to share on the golf course; but the journey through life's course to follow, will contain both laughter, and disappointment...for each of us; and that as much as we might want to show them how to correct a swing flaw, we would love to show them how to negotiate the hazards of life.  We also know, however, that only so many "pearls of wisdom" will be absorbed, or tolerated, and that eventually we will have to let them figure things out on their own. 

For now, we can just take advantage of the moment at hand, and enjoy the companionship of the next generation of Team Bogey.

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