Team Bogey Wager Woes

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If you are going to bet a round of golf on a football game, be prepared...
Once Team Bogey's round is done, we may settle in around a table to tally our score, and begin to recount the chunked chip, bladed sand shot, and four putt green, which were the only things that came between us and that ever elusive personal best, and listen to our fellow golfers recite the near misses that kept them just shy of "parfection". 
Eventually, the "score-venting" subsides, and the conversation begins to transition to other important issues, like who's leading the PGA tournament, football game, or other sporting event displayed on the clubhouse TV.  We may even offer our own sage advice as to what that pro player or team needs to do to win a title. As can occur in such matters, we might encounter a differing opinion...and this banter might even lead to a friendly wager. As a result, it's entirely possible that one of us may wind up wearing the other's favorite team's gear the next time we tee it up! 
This happens to be a Bronco fan who had to wear Raider gear...  
 Depending on the rivalry between our respective teams, the level of humiliation experienced by dawning the garb of the wager winner's choice may vary, but fodder for fun, and fuel for future friendly feuds will be the ultimate result...we are, after all...Team Bogey!
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