Although primarily associated with the life analogous game, Team Bogey's relevance extends beyond golf.

Whether it be in your golf, business, or personal life, some days are better than others, and results don't always reflect effort. Most times, the breaks don't go our way, although every once in awhile, one does; and a chip shot goes in, an unexpected check shows up in the mail, or we just have a day when personal and family matters are tranquil. These times may tend to be too few, and far between; but when they occur, provide the occasional reward for our efforts that fuels the continued desire to succeed.

Humility and the ability to laugh at ourselves, and the sometimes ridiculousness of our efforts, are Team Bogey traits.  We know that as soon as we have some success, begin to think we've got it all figured out, and start taking ourselves a little too seriously;  the golf course, or our life's course, will ultimately bring us back down to earth.

So set your clubs, or briefcase, or toolbag down, pull up a chair, and log-in or register, because no matter what your situation or circumstance, be it in your golf, business, or personal life, if you're not quite where you want to be, but you're "workin' at it"...YOU are TEAM BOGEY !!!