A Pint Well Earned

 Having lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago, the 42 year old Irishman, Darren Clarke, continued to Keep Battlin', overcoming personal loss off the course, and most recently, the elements and his opponents on the course, to win the 2011 Open Championship, and his first Major PGA Title. As one who is known as an Everyman, enjoying a pint of ale or two regularly, he showed a sober side in his press conference, expressing gratefulness at having been blessed with the time he had shared with his deceased wife, and the blessing he now had of being lucky enough to have found another special lady, who is now his fiancee. He seemed to be very happy to have won the Championship, and expressed the desire to pursue another, but it was obvious from his comments that his battles off the course had put those on the course in their proper perspective.