Happy Father's Day Gerry McIlroy

What better way could a Dad celebrate Father's Day, than to watch his 22 year old son cruise to victory at the U.S. Open? For many of us, watching it with our own kid, or dad, or playing a Sunday round of our own might top it; but one can't help feeling that Rory McIlroy's dad, Gerry, will have to rank this Father's Day near the top of his list.
Especially after witnessing Rory's minor meltdown at the Masters, as he blew a 4 shot 54 hole lead, to shoot a final round 80, and leave many observers to wonder if he would have the mental fortitude to Keep Battlin', and eventually put himself in position to have another shot at winning a Major PGA Championship, let alone any PGA  tournament.
Little could any of us know that the rebound and recovery would be so soon and so convincing. Maybe it's the fearlessness of youth, a special gift of talent, or a combination thereof, but McIlroy's comeback, and his shrugging off what might have been a career destroying collapse for some, has proven to be the stuff of grit and character that inspires others to Keep Battlin', even when bad things happen, and the breaks don't go our way.  Rory credited his dad being there this week, and the calming breakfasts they shared, as key to helping him stay calm and focused.  After sinking his final put and clinching the championship, Rory sought out his dad, gave him a hug, and wished him a Happy Father's Day.  
Congratulations Rory, thanks for the inspiration and motivation, and Happy Father's Day to Gerry! More