Back to Back Team Bogey Battlers

The Title Town Road Warrior Green Bay Packers started fast, overcame dropped passes, injuries to several key players, as well as third and fourth quarter runs by the Pittsburgh Steelers, to become Super Bowl Champions, and the first back to back Team Bogey Battlers.  
Quarterback Aaron Rogers holds 
Lombardi Trophy, as Clay Mathews
drapes champions belt over his shoulder.
Many quarterbacks would have lost composure when their receivers dropped as many passes as Green Bay did, but Aaron Rogers just kept going right back to them, showing confidence and trust that is key to the cementing the bond of a successful team.  Losing cornerback Charles Woodson, and receiver Donald Driver in the first half might have led to disheartenment and panic, but the guys that had been stepping up when called upon during the Packer's injury riddled regular season, did so once again in the post season grand finale Super Bowl XLV, resulting in yet another NFL Championship being won by a team traveling to win road games en route to the Super Bowl, and making the Green Bay Packers the first sixth seed in the NFC go on to win the big game.  For these feats, as well as the motivation they provide to those of us struggling to overcome setbacks of our own, and give us the incentive we need to keep battlin', the Green Bay Packers serve once again, as a prime example of, and first ever back to back Team Bogey Battlers.  Congratulations Green Bay...Keep Battlin'.